Holistic Gynecology

At HealingSpace Medical Center, we provide Holistic Gynecology which combines routine gynecology with alternative and integrative medicine. We provide women with the broadest range of health care options. Women’s reproductive health is one aspect of overall health and wellness. This is why every gynecological visit at HealingSpace includes a complete physical exam and addresses lifestyle habits and goals.  

We approach our patients as distinct individuals and formulate personalized treatment plans to recover balance and promote healing. Our gynecological exams are supportive and informative. We encourage your questions and active participation in your own health care.

At HealingSpace Medical Center, we take a holistic approach to the following:

We are happy to offer vFit PLUS

Intimate wellness is an important factor in women’s physical, emotional, and social well-being. vFit PLUS is the world’s first and only home-use device for women to help improve bladder control, pelvic floor strength, intimate wellness, and sexual function. It is non-hormonal, non-invasive, and uses a patented combination of red LED lights, gentle heat, and sonic technology to warm the vaginal tissue.

After using vFit PLUS for just 60 days studies showed:

  • 90% had less bladder leakage 
  • 91% had increased natural hydration
  • 95% has improved vaginal tightness
  • 89% had increased sensation
  • 100% felt closer to their partners
  • 95% had improved intimate wellness
  • 89% had increased confidence with intercourse

Inquire about purchasing your vFit PLUS device at your next appointment.
To learn more send us a message through the patient portal or call us at 847-304-5526.

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