Integrative Medicine

At HealingSpace Medical Center, we believe that the human body has an innate ability to heal itself. Our approach to medicine combines both conventional and alternative methods to help our patients achieve optimal health. We identify and treat the root cause of illness and disease, rather than just treating individual symptoms.

Our appointments are longer than traditional medical appointments, allowing us to treat the whole person and discuss all aspects of a patient's health. Our practitioners also collaborate and consult with one another to ensure patients receive the best care.

We prioritize the least invasive treatment options necessary to bring the body to a healthy state. By addressing underlying causes, we have helped many patients reduce or eliminate their medication intake for conditions such as blood pressure regulation, high cholesterol, and thyroid disorders. Additionally, we help patients avoid negative side-effects of medication, alleviate difficult symptoms, and achieve better outcomes through supplemental treatments to conventional methods.

At HealingSpace, each patient's individual needs, risks, and goals are at the forefront of their medical care. We understand that treating every aspect of a person's health is crucial to the success of the healing process. We strive to provide the best care possible and help our patients achieve their optimal health.

"The physical body communicates what impacts a person on all levels. The body can compensate for many things, but it has its limits. Eventually when there is a disease or a disorder the physical symptoms are the signal that something deeper is occurring. Until we examine the mental, emotional, spiritual levels, even the soul’s longing, a permanent cure is less likely to occur. The medical model deals with the physical body. Integrative medicine incorporates natural remedies. In my practice, I go further to address the underlying origins of dysfunction. When I’m with a patient, I use an intuitive listening process which provides a space for them to get in touch with their full, deeper self. From this place, we are able to recognize the patterns that are being mirrored in the physical body. The patient may be realizing this connection for the first time. This process allows me to design a treatment plan for the patient to achieve optimal health and wellbeing."   -Marilyn Mitchell, M.D.

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