Energy Healing

Energy Healing is a pleasant and powerful therapy that helps you connect to your inner source of vibrancy and life force, making it available to shift physical, emotional, and mental dysfunction to health and well-being.

Energy Healing

"My energy healing journey has guided me in many ways I could never have imagined. I came to an awareness in an area I didn't think I would ever get past. I understand and know now what I have to do to move forward."
-Renee S.

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Who can benefit from Energy Healing?

Energy Healing is beneficial for everyone. Whether you're grappling with physical diseases like Surgical Support, Cancer Treatment, Autoimmune Conditions, or Emotional and Psychological Conditions, or you're seeking alignment of mind, body, and spirit, this is for you. Our approach not only addresses symptoms but also the emotional causes behind them. It enhances traditional medical treatments and can be used alongside or as a standalone therapy.
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How does Energy Healing work?

Energy Healing operates on the premise that the human energy field is deeply intertwined with physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Our bodies are energetic systems, with our heart, brain, and nervous system using energy for function.

At HealingSpace, our practice is rooted in EnergyTouch® advanced healing. This method extends beyond the primary seven chakras and considers the energy field encompassing our entire body. Our trained Healing Practitioners target blockages and enhance natural energy pathways, letting the body self-heal.
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How does EnergyTouch® differ from other types of healing, such as reiki?

Energy Healing acknowledges that the human energy field is a dynamic system intimately linked to our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. It's an undeniable fact that our body is energized and powered by intricate energy systems - our heart rhythmically pulsates with energy, and our brain, along with the nervous system, orchestrates this energy throughout our entire body. This energy field continuously adapts to the myriad physical, emotional, and spiritual demands of our being.

At HealingSpace, we offer the specialized practice of EnergyTouch® advanced healing. Unlike traditional Energy Healing modalities that primarily focus on the initial seven chakras, EnergyTouch® delves deeper, addressing the second through the seventh set of chakras and even beyond. This approach taps into the expansive energy field (aura) enveloping our body, individual organs, and every single cell. Notably, it also incorporates the use of an energetic hologram of the physical body, ensuring precision in healing. Our Healing Practitioners, trained rigorously in blending ancient energy wisdom with modern medical insights, identify and clear blockages, enhancing the vibrational frequency of your being. This harmonization ensures that the mind, body, and spirit operate cohesively, allowing the body's innate healing abilities to combat dysfunction and disease.
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What happens during a session?

Our Healing Practitioner will meet with you and discuss your intentions and expectations for healing, considering physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions. Then, you relax on a massage table, fully clothed, and experience the energy work. Our Healing Practitioners work on an energetic, vibrational representation of your body, organs, and cells (a "hologram"). This means it is a non-touch therapy. Many people experience meditative states, peaceful sleep, or an awareness of the work being done, and some gain insights into emotional or spiritual influences on their health during the session. Afterward, you will talk with the Healing Practitioner about what came up during the session and ways to maintain the healing and address any underlying causes.

Energy Healing appointments are 90 minutes. The healing session itself is about an hour, with 15 minutes at the beginning to review health history, answer questions, and set intentions, and 15 minutes at the end to discuss the experience.

Long-Distance Session: You will connect with your Healing Practitioner over the phone and then lie down in a restful space for the duration of the session. Many patients feel the same sensations as they would in person. Afterward, you reconnect with the Healing Practitioner to discuss insights and next steps.
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Will I still receive the same benefit as an in-office session if I receive a long-distance healing?

Within the realm of our Energy Touch practice, due to the non-touch nature of the healing work we do, all Energy Healing Sessions could be considered long-distance. The only difference is that the Healing Practitioner is not physically in the room with you. In both cases, the Healing Practitioner is working on an energetic, vibrational representation which will then affect your physical body. Many of our most profound and successful cases have been achieved through long-distance healing sessions. We have had long-distance patients in France, Japan, Canada, California, Colorado, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois to name a few.
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What conditions have been helped with Energy Healing?

HealingSpace practitioners, trained in the advanced techniques of Energy Touch, have successfully assisted individuals in reversing anxiety, depression, Stage I to IV cancers, autoimmune diseases, thyroid disorders, IBS and GI disorders, adrenal issues, and more. We specialize in addressing conditions that are often challenging to diagnose and manage conventionally, tapping into the multidimensional energy fields to uncover and treat root causes.
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Noteworthy Healing Cases

2-Year-Old Male:

This patient was born premature and spent the first five months of his live in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). He had cardiac surgery as an infant, was on long-term steroids, and was on a respirator long-term due to respiratory difficulties. He received feeding through an NG tube (Nasogastric tube) for much of his life due to feeding issues and GI problems.

When he first presented for an Energy Healing, he had severe pneumonia and IV antibiotics were not working to resolve it. Also, his gastric reflux was so severe, despite the NG tube, that doctors were planning to surgically place a permanent gastric feeding tube after the infection had resolved.

The first healing was conducted long-distance and he was discharged from the hospital two days later. His gastric tube surgery cancelled, and he was doing so well that his NG tube was removed. This meant that he was finally able to eat on his own.

Many of the doctors who listened to his lungs subsequent to the healing mentioned that they sounded better than ever--“like he has new lungs.” For some time after the healing, the gastric reflux was not a problem. His overall energy and stamina improved to nearly the same as his siblings.

He has continued to receive long-distance healings over the years, as he has faced various medical and developmental issues. Energy Healing has helped reduce the amount of medical and surgical intervention needed and has also enhanced any medical and surgical therapies that were necessary.

20-Year-Old Female:

At the time that she presented for an Energy Healing, she was suffering from an unwavering migraine headache that was 13 months old and 16 months in the making. She was blind in her left eye and deaf in her left ear. She was unable to sleep through the night or attend college. She had been to many doctors, esteemed specialists, and headache clinics; she was taking the latest medications. Nothing was working.

After her first healing, which was performed long-distance, she slept through the night. She awakened the next morning with normal vision in her left eye. Later that afternoon she experienced popping in her left ear and her hearing returned. Although the pain of the headache was still present, it was diminished. She reported that the pain was not diminished to a low enough level that would normally bring her vision back.

She received another long-distance healing and a third healing in-person. Since that third session, she has been pain free and started to lead a “normal life” (as she puts it). She was weaned off her medications. She enrolled in college full-time, can live away from home, drive, and hold a job. She received the three healings in 2006 and she has not had a migraine since.

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