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Holistic healing approaches health and disease from many different angles. The philosophy of holistic medicine is that not only should the illness or disease be treated, but the whole person should be treated in order to achieve a higher level of wellness. For example, numerous mainstream health professionals promote healthy lifestyle habits such as exercising, eating a nutritious diet, not smoking, and managing stress as essential for maintaining good health. Holistic methods are becoming more common in mainstream care and frequently are used in tandem with standard treatment or preventative care.  At HealingSpace, we view each patient as a unique individual, rather than as an example of a specific disease. Disease is recognized as being the result of physical, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental imbalance. In order for healing to take place, all of these aspects of life need to be in balance. The role of the holistic practitioner is as guide, mentor and role model.  It is up to patients to change their lifestyles, beliefs and old habits in order to expedite healing. All appropriate treatment methods are encouraged from medication to meditation.  It is not uncommon for patients in Palatine to seek the services offered at HealingSpace.

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Palatine, Illinois is a northwestern suburb located in Cook County.  There are nearly 69,000 residents who live in Palatine.  It is nearly 3.3 miles northwest of Arlington Heights, the home of HealingSpace.  Whenever Palatine patients come to our center, we offer them a new perspective of healthcare.  Our professional holistic practitioners work with Palatine patients to enrich the effectiveness of their treatments, enhance surgical and medical results, accelerate healing, and decrease or eliminate pain and side effects.  The holistic physicians and healing practitioners at HealingSpace are on hand to support Palatine patients in health cases that are challenging, problematic, or crucial. HealingSpace’s holistic doctors have been able to attain positive results when Palatine patients have exhausted all other options and everything else has failed.  We are well-known for incorporating holistic healing into our Palatine patients’ prevailing medical health plan.  Holistic treatment is characterized as an approach to life and health that blends the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of patients’ lives to generate a sense of wellbeing.

Palatine Holistic Doctors

Integration of holistic treatment with traditional medicine is beneficial to everyone involved, patients and healthcare providers.  It is well known that medical science is constantly discovering new and improved methods for treating and curing illnesses and diseases.  Bringing healing into the therapeutic plan adds another dimension to health. HealingSpace only employs holistic practitioners who have been trained in Energy Touch® Healing Modality.  Energy Touch® is acknowledged as being unique among energy healing modalities.  Also, numerous health issues that were previously considered incurable have been reversed using this modality.  Further, some life-threatening diseases, severe injuries and birth defects have been reversed using Energy Touch® Healing work alone and/or in conjunction with traditional medical treatments.  Our holistic therapy provides persons with a wider array of alternatives for healing.  Contact our offices to learn more about our holistic healing techniques, and all the techniques and approaches to holistic treatment that we provide.  For more information, call HealingSpace, today, at: (847) 304-5526.

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