Making the Switch to Non-Toxic Skin Care
with Beautycounter

Thursday, February 6th
7:00 PM
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At HealingSpace Medical Center, we are committed to recommending products that help improve all aspects of your health and wellbeing.

Beautycounter's mission is to create skin care and beauty products that truly perform while holding themselves to unparalleled standards of safety. There are over 1,800 harmful or questionable chemicals that Beautycounter never includes in their product formulations. Your skin is your largest organ and absorbs up to 60% of what your put onto it. Many people worry about the health impact of what we are putting in our bodies, but what we put on our bodies is just as important!

During this quick 30 minute online event, you will learn more about Beautycounter--the world leaders in clean beauty.

You will find out about the truth of the beauty industry and what Beautycounter is doing about it. You will then be introduced to the gorgeous, innovative and high performing products!

This is a free, online event.
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Meet vFit+:
Your Intimate Wellness Solution
Thursday, February 13th
HealingSpace Medical Center
Waiting Room
6:00 PM
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After using vFit for just 60 days studies showed:
• 84% had reduced urinary incontinence 
• 91% had increased natural hydration
• 89% had increased sensation
• 100% felt closer to their partners
• 95% had improved intimate wellness
• 89% had increased confidence with intercourse
vFit+ is the world’s first and only home-use device for women to help improve bladder control, pelvic floor strength, intimate wellness, and sexual function, . It is non-hormonal and non-invasive. It uses a patented combination of red LED lights, gentle heat, and sonic technology to warm the vaginal tissue.
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Free Event. Space is Limited. Registration Required.
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Everything you want to know about hypnosis, hypnotherapy, and hypnoanalysis and how they can help you live the life you are meant to live
with Ryan Elliot, MSW
Thursday, February 20th
HealingSpace Medical Center
Waiting Room
6 PM
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Our minds are constantly bombarded with negative suggestions that operate behind the veil of consciousness. Many of these thoughts, by no fault of our own, are accepted as truth by our subconscious mind. These truths are set in our mind before the age of seven and continue thereafter until intervention sets us free. We can't change when the subconscious programming dictates negative, self-destructive messages through our life.

This lecture focuses on how to change this programming. Through hypnoanalysis, EMDR, and neurofeedback, you will learn how you can benefit and change to living more joyfully and powerfully.

At this impactful event the following will be discussed:

  • The benefits of subconscious healing
  • The fact that we are all born in a bliss state and what happens to it
  • Subconscious motivation and how to make it work
  • What the relaxation response is and how to use it
  • How your subconscious may be signaling for help  

Free Workshop. Space is Limited. Registration Required. 
Call 847-304-5526 for more info. 

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Full payment is required to reserve a space in workshops. Refunds are given for cancellations made 3 days or more prior to event. Refund minus $45 processing fee is given within 3 days of event. No refunds or credits will be given after workshop begins. In the unlikely event inclement weather causes HealingSpace to cancel an event, a credit or full refund will be applied. HealingSpace is not responsible for any and all costs incurred for travel arrangements or accommodations related to this event.

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