Energy Healing

Energy Healing is a pleasant and powerful therapy that helps you connect to your inner source of vibrancy and life force, making it available to shift physical, emotional and mental dysfunction to health and well-being.

Energy Healing

Who can benefit from Energy Healing?

Energy Healing benefits people with physical diseases, as well as mental and emotional difficulties. Whatever the dysfunction or ailment, Energy Healing opens you to a deeper sense of ease, well-being and purpose, and brings you back to your true self.

How does Energy Healing work?

At HealingSpace, the Energy Healing we practice works in the chakras and energy field (aura) that surrounds us. Healing Practitioners address blockages and open the natural channels of our being at a high vibrational level, so that the organs and cells are nourished and the body then can naturally work to reverse any dysfunction.

What happens during a session?

Our Healing Practitioner will meet with you and discuss your intentions and expectations for healing. Then, you relax on a massage table, fully clothed, and experience the energy work. It is a non-touch therapy, but most people experience pleasant sensations and peaceful sleep or meditative states during the session. The actual healing session lasts about an hour. Afterward, you will talk with the Healing Practitioner about what came up during the session and ways to maintain the healing.

Long-Distance Session: You will connect with the Healing Practitioner on the phone or Skype, and then lie down at home for the session. You will feel the same sensations as in person. Afterward, you talk with the Healing Practitioner again.

What conditions have been helped with Energy Healing?

HealingSpace Healing Practitioners have had successes helping people reverse anxiety and depression, Stage I to IV cancers, autoimmune diseases, thyroid disorders, IBS and GI disorders, adrenal issues and more. We often work with conditions that are puzzling and difficult to diagnose and treat in a conventional way.

For more information, or to schedule your Energy Healing session in-office or long-distance, call (847) 304-5526.

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